Interview with!

Hey Everyone! I did an interview with The Bruce Hornsby fan website, Bruce has complimented my music and been an incredible mentor to me! I’m a HUGE, HUUUUGE fan of his and think he is one of the best pianist and songwriters EVER!

The interview is hosted by a friend of Bruce’s and mine, Si Twining. Si is a phenomenal website designer (he designed, and tons more), a wonderful human being, and a comical and smart interviewer.

The interview was a blast! Visit:

Thanks so much for checking it out!

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New review from The Examiner!

It’s a dream come true to have my first real music video reviewed in the Examiner. But it’s even more of a dream come true that they compared me to Mary Poppins! (I’ve always been obsessed with that movie!) They call the video a bliss-muffin! YAY! I don’t know what that is, but I know I like it. Here’s The Examiner Review.

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New video HERE!

The video for “Over the Moon For You” is out NOW!

You can see it right here… please share if you like it!

What do you think? :)

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Exclusive screening for music video and show with band!

At the Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow Street in New York City – Sunday November 17 at 8pm!

Special guest performance by singer/songwriter Tanner Walle.

Going to be a super fun night with lots of surprises and EXCITEMENT! Can’t WAIT to see you!

Tickets are $7.


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More web articles

With the new video of “Over the Moon For You” coming out real soon, I’ve managed to cram in some more interviews!

Please take a look at this great chat with Vents Magazine, also an article at Broadway World on the EP!

And for a reminder of the last video, check out this feature at!

For other recent interviews, take a look in this very website here! :)

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BREAKING NEWS FROM TEAM RG! We are *SO* excited to announce that Rachel’s EP “I’m Over The Moon For You” is out and Rachel Griffin - Over the Moon For Youavailable to download on iTunes at:

If you would like to purchase a physical copy, you can do that at the online store CDbaby.

In other news, Rachel will be making her FIRST real music video for the title track of her EP “Over The Moon For You” We will keep you posted on the release date!

Thank you so much for being a part of our team and supporting Rachel’s music. We love you… BIG-TIME!

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Recent interviews

So, I’ve done four interviews lately!

The first is with Honest Reviews Corner where I talk about favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors, how life has changed moving from Rachel Griffin with Twist magazineMaine to NYC, and how I can be a cheesy motivational speaker-ish person at times! LOL Really fun interview!:)

The second is an audio interview where I go into how I knew I wanted to be a songwriter, how I feel about the current music industry etc! :) Great host, really fun time!:) You can hear it at New Music Inferno!

Then, I had so much fun chatting with TWIST.

And most recently, a great interview with the Digital Journal!

Click either link in bold text to visit!

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